About the Social Support Services App

The SSS (Social Support Services)  App, is a digital-based directory and software connecting at-risk  individuals and families to necessary free social supportive services in six instrumental categories. The purpose of the SSS is to decrease, even, eliminate the negative impacts in which many people face due to poverty, or, the lack therein, of access to strategic social supportive services, which could disable the cycle of negative encounters with the criminal justice system for many "QOL" offenders and families that are residing in borderline poverty households. 

The basis in which the App was developed is detailed in the founders published thesis "Enhancing Consequential Decision-making through Short-term Intensive Psychosocial Cognitive Group Therapy." The aforementioned research examined the NYC Bronx borough-wide DAT-Y (Desk Appearance Ticketed Youth) Initiative, the largest adolescent diversion initiative in the history of New York City. DAT-Y is a collaborative effort between Supervising Judge of NYC Criminal Courts, Hon. George Grasso and Center for Court Innovation, along with Bronx Community Solutions (the court mandated social service agency), Bronx Prosecutors Office, NYPD, New York Legal Aid Society & Bronx Defenders. The research findings of the qualitative methods employed during the time Smith worked with the initiative, led her to the SSS concept. 

The six categories SSS focuses on are: (1) Food, (2) Clothing, (3) Housing, 

(4) Education & Job Readiness, (5) Professional development & services (legal support, job training, educational enhancement), (6) Mental Health & Wellness (i.e., therapy, 

counseling,medical clinics) and (7) Crisis intervention (domestic violence, youth 

runaway, safe haven for children, suicide prevention, crime). 

Our SSS clients are everyday people, (families, adolescents, adults , government agencies, 501(c)3 organizations, faith-based agencies and benefit corporations. Today SSS is gearing up for Phase II development.


SSS Beta-Test kicked off March 1st 2019 with a focus on the South Side of Chicago, particularly Englewood and surrounding communities. Thanks to Teamwork Englewood Quality of Life Plan, JAED (Jobs & Economic Development Task Force) & Whole Foods Foundation, TULSA was able to bring this vision to life.

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About SSS


SSS 3-month  beta-test began  March 1st  with a  focus on  South Side Chicago in partnership with Teamwork Englewood Re-entry Support Center.


  • SSS 3-month  beta-test began  March 1st  with a  focus on  South Side Chicago in partnership with Teamwork Englewood Re-entry Support Center.

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