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About the SSS App


The SSS mobile app was developed by Kimone Smith, the Founder & CEO of T.U.L.S.A. Inc. The purpose of the app is to promote social equity, individual quality of life and crime reduction (particularly crime related to a social need).  SSS connects people to the resources people need to solve the problems they face right now. Before bad decision-making, crisis or crime.

Uberizing Social Service

SSS app, is a digital directory built with geocodng and GPS,  which enables the public to access free social support service at one’s fingertips. End-user's can access free social support service in the following categories: (1) food, (2) housing, (3) clothing, (4) education & job-readiness, (5) professional services (legal, financial, etc), (6) mental health & wellness and (7) crisis intervention.

We create a pipeline of access to resources, which allows people the opportunity to connect to the service they need, to solve the problems they face. Research suggests, "poverty yields a set of socioeconomic stressors that threatens familial health and well-being, such as scarce resources, community violence, vandalism, crime, unstable housing, unemployment, even, food insecurity" (Slopen, Fitzmaurice, Williams & Gilman, 2010).  Ninety-five percent of Americans have cell phones and over 30 million Americans live in poverty. SSS, leverages data and technology to help people overcome the social barriers they may be facing, at the convenience of their fingertips.


SSS mobile App Partners


SSS app in South Side Chicago

At-Risk & Disconnected Youth Services


The SSS serves disconnected youth by connecting them to a plethora of services, such as housing, counseling, or employment opportunity.. Companies listed include Teen Living Program, SGA-Youth&Family and many more. Become a Beta Partner Today!

Individuals & Families


We believe that help is not always in the form of monetary funds, but, social capital, social service or a simple opportunity. The SSS app connects people to local service providers. In return community organizations, are connected to untapped populations and prospective clients.



Currently partnered with Teamwork Englewood's Re-entry Support Center, clients are introduced to the SSS app as a personal tool to connect to services specific to individual needs. 

Workforce, Health & Professional Services

Job programs, SSS app, Tulsa

We connect people to  a plethora of services from health clinics to counseling, clothing, housing, crisis, job-readiness, legal, education and entrepreneurial support service. Are you a provider? Get Listed Today!

Food Pantry & Soup Kitchen


We connect people to local food pantries & soup kitchens. Are you a provider? Get Listed Today!

Senior Programs

TULSA, SSS app, Senior Programs,

We connect seniors to Senior Centers & Programs. Does your organization provide services to senior citizens Become a Beta Partner Today!

Service Providers

  • Sign-up 
  • List services provided
  • Service clients directly from the SSS platform.


  • Download App
  • Create account using a Facebook or email and phone number.
  • Connect to the services you need (Call, text or email).
  • Rate, Review or Share services provided.
  • Everything you need in one place, at the convenience of your fingertips.


  • Collective community social & economic growth
  • Access to information & resources
  • Opportunity to increase Individual Quality of Life